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Transplanted onions grown from seed; plot plantings (Denver)

Transplanted onions (shallots and hoshiko bunching) into the raised beds at Edison. 

Planted shasta daisy, pink sage, dwarf fountain grass, foxglove into Dumpster perennial bed

Planted three butternut squash into Edison raised bed. 

Transplanted Blush and Moneymaker (from seed) into Edison raised beds, plus jalapeno plant (Echter's)

Mulched raised beds heavily


Potted up Thailand Giant Colocasia into large planter, mulched heavily

Hilled up last of the containers of potatoes

Continuing to battle aphids on Just Joey rose, but problem is getting better

Sweet peas are growing slowly, no budding yet

Tomatoes on Mexican Midget starting to ripen; noticing some blight on the plant and removing affected branches

Container potato plants beginning to droop over sides as leaves become to heavy for stems; plants are wilting at the hottest part of the day. May need to explore raising containers off the deck. 

Moved cymbidium orchid outside to see if sun exposure and heat exposure will encourage blooming. 

Bessett Bamboo showing signs of happiness with new shoots appearing at base. Most of the dead foliage has fallen off. I imagine I will start to see dramatic growth soon. 


Denver has been very hot the past week. Temperatures above 95 with very warm evening temperatures. Spotty thunderstorms providing heat relief but not significant rainfall. The heat seemed to give the container poppies a boost as they grew significantly while I was gone on business. 

Earlier Event: May 12
Hilled potatoes, planted herbs
Later Event: June 20
Pruned dahlias