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Ordering dahlias... NOW!

Dallas, where I grew up, has two seasons: hot and cold. And I sometimes joke that my lifelong best friends from college were my reward for enduring four interminable upstate New York winters (though the glorious falls were redeeming).  So naturally one of the many things I love about life in Colorado is the full experience of all four seasons. 

We are deep in winter now, albeit a rather warm one, and as an ambivalent skier lately I appreciate each snowfall more for what it means for my thirsty perennials than for the slopes. Along with much-needed precipitation each snowfall also brings the anticipation of spring, anticipation that is only heightened by the future promises of botanical glory arriving almost daily in the mail these days. One such glossy promise - and my favorite - is the Swan Island Dahlia catalog and page after page of another reason I love living in Colorado.

Dahlias are the showgirls of the plant world. Brash, bold, and sexy. Tulips and roses have their moments, of course, but nothing wows like a dahlia. They're the head-turners! Each summer I learn a bit more about what they want (not much) and what I want (BIGGER). Bigger is certainly what I got last year with Sherwood's Peach - the standout of the 2017 season.

Sherwood Peach dahlia

Sherwood Peach dahlia

Poor, Cafe au Lait, my darling of 2016... She couldn't quite keep up this year with her showier cousins taking over. Though she did play nicely in arrangements:

Myrtle's Folly, El Sol, Cafe Au Lait, and "Just Joey" Rose

Myrtle's Folly, El Sol, Cafe Au Lait, and "Just Joey" Rose

With Sherwood top of mind, I placed my tuber orders with Swan Island today. I went all out for the big girls and then supplemented with "perfect form", "balls", and "pom pon" types for the first time. (Oh, the possibilities!) 

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 6.58.06 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 6.58.23 PM.png

Now... the waiting... 

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