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Garden Status

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  • Mexican Midget Tomato is struggling with disease; still producing, but the plant looks terrible. 
  • Blush Tomatoes are starting to ripen. Balcony plants are heavy with fruit. Plot plants are lush but not bearing much fruit yet. I think that the hail has stunted fruit production. 
  • Moneymaker tomatoes are starting to form. None ripening yet. Slow growing. 
  • Colocasia finally coming back strong after hail damage. Starting to put on big leaves with lots of water and fertilizer. 
  • Petunias are happy in the heat and producing lots of flowers. 
  • Started zinnia seeds on balcony using the "Bernard" method. Germination was literally overnight and now zinnias are putting on true leaves. 
  • Bamboo finally sending up thick shoots. 
  • Potatoes are finished. Hail storm did them in. 
  • Just Joey Rose putting on strong flush. 
  • Sweet peas starting to look really bad at the base but still putting out flowers


  • One dahlia plant (it might be Cafe Au Lait) is budding. Others not showing signs of budding yet. 
  • Tomatoes are lush and green; lots of foliage and not a lot of fruiting
  • Kale bounced back nicely from hail
  • Zinnias starting to bloom nicely. 
  • Onions not showing signs of bulbing much. I think that the hail did a real number on them.
  • All cauliflower is done. 
  • Perennial bed is very happy. Salvias are thriving and putting on quite a show. 
  • Echinacea "tiki torch" still blooming. Zinnias starting to bud. 
  • Surprisingly, the alyssum is still holding flowers. 
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Garden Status
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