Nightstand: January 6, 2018

What I'm reading, downloading, watching, or thinking about this week: 

  • "Oak" meditation app

I know, I know. Another meditation app. But this is the first one that I didn't immediately abandon three days later. There are guided and unguided options. My favorite part is that it tracks your total time spend meditating, your longest multi-day meditation streaks, and also tells you how many other people are meditating with you. Pretty cool. Thanks, Kevin Rose

  • app

This was mentioned in Tribe of Mentors (Nightstand, 12.30.17). According to the folks: is "music designed for the brain to enhance focus, relaxation, meditation, naps and sleep within 10 - 15 minutes of use. We’ve invented an AI engine that composes all of the music. The AI has the brain of a neuroscientist and the heart of a musician." I use it at work. Verdict? Give me a few more weeks, but I've been able to spit out my fair share of hour-long, uninterrupted work sessions this week. The sessions end faster than I can believe, and I've even started having to extend them by 30 minutes because I'm so into what I'm doing. So far, so good. 

This has been on my nightstand for several years, but I come back to it whenever I'm seeking a bit more from my practice. The book is organized into sections like Stress Relief, Physical Healing, Relationships, Creativity and Problem-Solving, and each meditation is a set of instructions for a specific visualization. The meditation "Step Outside Your Self-Imposed Limits" led to a fairly significant break-through recently. 

  • CorePower Yoga

I have a really, really big confession. This is one of my more humbling moments...

There is a Core Power yoga studio across the street. I could throw a rock from my patio and hit some poor, unsuspecting model-esque yogi leaving class.

In the summer, the class instructors will occasionally open the studio door to let some cooler air in. This means I can hear the instructor's commands loud and clear while I'm relaxing on my patio. (I can't believe I'm about to admit this....) In a moment of annoyance, I emailed (EMAILED. Seriously. Like, how much more passive aggressive and cowardly could I get...) the studio last year to complain about the noise, something to the effect of: "How DARE these health-conscious, enlightened people intrude upon my glass of wine and the still of the evening that my property taxes paid for. Can you please tell the instructors to shut the damn studio door, trapping all of that heat until students fry their brains? How am I to be expected to put up with the bothersome sounds of life in a great location with proximity to yoga studios and restaurants and boutiques and culture???" 

(Sheepish sigh.) I just completed my seventh Corepower hot yoga class. (I know, total Januarian. Whatever.) After 17 years of swearing that I'd never do another hot yoga class. After emailing the studio to tell them how they were ruining my life. After poo-pooing CorePower because it wasn't "real yoga" (whatever that means anymore). After a year-long hiatus from yoga spent running and convincing myself that I liked it. (I do. Kind of.) 

1.  Kids, today's lesson is that when you do and say stupid shit, I will come back to bite you in the wallet. (CorePower, you have my money and my devotion and I'm sorry and keep on keepin' on.) 2.  I've never sweat this much in my life. This is not an exaggeration and it feels so damn good when I'm not trying to prevent myself from passing out or throwing up. 3. I forgot what a difference a consistent yoga practice makes. 4. This has been a big, HUGE, MASSIVE lesson in passing judgment. 5. I can't believe that I contorted my body into the most unflattering positions possible while wearing nothing but a sports bra and tights last night. (Yo, 25 year-olds, this is what 37 looks like!) 6. I can't wait for my next class.