Navajopa31 is my homeboy

Discovering Navajopa31 on Youtube I felt like Indiana finding the Grail Diary.

When I tell you that his channel has over 600 videos, I bet that you weren't picturing this guy: 

Yep. Navajopa31, self-described "Last of the Renaissance Men", YouTube sensation in my head, sharing decades worth of knowledge with anyone willing to watch. Install a freeze proof yard hydrant? Check. How to cook Chesapeake Bay blue crabs? Check. Caterpillar nest removal and Victoria food strainer tips? Check, check. 

Most of the videos share a lifetime's worth of gardening expertise (he has over 55 videos on growing tomatoes alone!!!), and one of his shared gems of wisdom has completely changed the way I plan to approach seed-starting. 

When starting seeds indoors, the primary constraint is space. Especially space underneath the grow lamps. Navajopa31 foregoes the space-hogging, traditional method of starting each seed in its own pot/cell and instead starts all of his seeds of one variety in one pot. Once they've reached the optimal size for transplant, he simply teases out each individual seedling and transfers to them to 6-packs. 

You can't really hear what he's say in the first few video, but you can figure it out... Here's his Tomato Growing Playlist that starts with his method for seed-starting. All 55 videos. Like a BOSS.