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Welcome! Come on in! Let me take your coat.

My name is Callie Works-Leary, and I'm glad you're here. Here's a little about me:

Born in Austin and raised in Dallas, I've pursued a BIG and BOLD life from the time I was very young, my parents and educators instilling in me a deep love of learning, exploration, and fearlessness. My passion for business was developed at Skidmore, refined at SMU, and put into practice when I opened fabric and sewing destination CityCraft in 2009 to share the fulfillment of "making" with people of all ages. After CityCraft, I continued this mission as a project developer, quilt pattern designer, and instructor at Craftsy. When I'm not designing with fabric, I'm ankle deep in the garden, meditating in a tent in the wilderness, perfecting the art of home bread baking, buried in a good book with a hot cup of tea, or laughing with my family, my life force and the most important of all my many passions. 

Here, I share my explorations, ideas, learnings, mistakes, and everything else that I collect in pursuit of the answer to the question I ask myself every day: 

How do I live my BIGGEST, BOLDEST life? 

If you've ever asked yourself the same question, you're in the right place. 


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